The Structure of Man
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The brain and the mind are only machines. The one who thinks is the spirit. Supporting the idea that the brain and the mind think (as Psychiatry does) is something so absurd like confusing the hardware and software of a PC with the person who operates it. Moreover, the spirit needs neither the brain nor the mind in order to think, because it is its inherent function. Spirit and thought are synonyms.




The discovery of the human soul

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“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience”. Teilhard de Chardin.

“The man does not have a spirit, the spirit have a man”(2) J. Conrad Lewis.

“Once upon a time man knew he had a soul; he would have been shocked if he had been told that someday a book would have to be written to inform him, as a scientific discovery, that he had one”. 


In science it is well-known that human being is constituted by three parts: 1) Thetan (soul); 2) Mind, and 3) Body.


Obviously, the Thetan is the superior entity of these three parts because without the presence of the soul the body would have neither activity nor mind, while without a body or a mind the soul continues having activity and life.


By other way, there is a precise manner to understand the meaning of “spirit”: the spirit (100%) is the being without becoming incarnate.


The term Thetan was used when referring to the soul and it is more appropriate to eradicate the wrong conception about human being “having” a soul: the human being “is” that soul.


The term Thetan comes from the Greek letter theta, which in electroencephalography indicates a slower cerebral rhythm and prevails in the extrasensory perception level.


In the physical universe, only a 10% of our spirit generates activity both in our body and mind. The other 90% of our spirit remains in a higher vibrational level, which we call “spiritual world”(3).


When our body dies, we continue existing as a spirit, which is immortal.


Through telepathic channeling it is possible to communicate with any Thetan (90%) or spirit (100%).


The Thetan (the soul or whatever way you call it) was discovered last century and today constitutes an irrefutable scientific fact.


Moreover, the only valid treatment is the one that rehabilitates the Thetan (today this treatment is being carried out, but not through Medicine or any of its branches).





The names of the different parts of the spirit are:


  1. Real spirit: it is the 100%-spirit, in other words, when it is not incarnate in a body.
  2. Thetan (soul): it is the 90%-spirit, in other words, when it is incarnate in a body.
  3. Analytical mind: it is the 10%-spirit, in other words, the Thinker in the physical universe, because its 90% that remains in its respective supraphysical level communicates sporadically and directly with the 10%, although they are in constant connection.


The so-bad-called “death” is simply the joint between the 90% and the 10%.


We call “Analytical Mind” to the incarnate spirit (10%) because before knowing, it has to analyze first. In contrast, the Thetan and the spirit do not need to analyze to know: they directly know, because they are concepts.


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Translator’s notes:

    • “The Structure of Man” was developed last century and improved by Jorge Olguín (through the orientation of his thetan: Johnakan-Ur-El), who explained that only a 10% of the energy of our spirit incarnates in our physical body. This information was unknown before 1997, the same year when Prof. Olguín began to write his book “Heaven Responds” (El Cielo Responde). Impulsive Reactive Mind and Depressive Reactive Mind were also unknown, because the Automatic Reactive Mind was the only known mind until that time. In the past, there was ignorance about how were Engrams implanted; because the general belief was that they were implanted in cells.  Thanks to a channeling session in 2007, Jorge Olguin’s thetan explained that physical engrams are always implanted at genetic level, within a “trace” called Locus. Therefore, an engram could modify the physical part of an individual, even. Conceptual engrams were also unknown, which explains today why many supposedly clear people “succumbed” again in low tone scales.
    • I translate this phrase because I did not find the original words of it into English.
    • The Supraphysical Universe.